2018, Cilt 27, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 082-086
Exclusion Reasons of Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation Candidates
DOI 10.5262/tndt.2017.1003.26
Ayşegül ORUÇ, Alparslan ERSOY, Yavuz AYAR, Suat AKGÜR, Abdülmecit YILDIZ
Uludağ Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Nefroloji Bilim Dalı, Bursa, Türkiye
Keywords: Kidney transplantation, Cadaveric donor, Transplant candidate, Exclusion reason

OBJECTIVE: Cadaveric organ donation is not at desired levels in our country. However, the number of patients on cadaveric kidney waiting lists is increasing. This situation also makes it difficult to follow cadaveric kidney recipient candidates at transplantation centers. It is very important for the medical status and information of the waitlisted candidates to be current at the time of the cadaveric kidney transplant call. In this study, we investigated the exclusion reasons of cadaveric transplantation candidates at our center.

MATERIAL and METHODS: A total 252 adults called for cadaveric kidney transplantation between January 2013 and August 2015 were included the study. Electronic data, immunology laboratory results and transplantation council records were examined. Exclusion reasons of the candidates were evaluated according to the list order. Candidates with a lower rank than the transplanted candidate were excluded.

RESULTS: In this period, 252 (56.7% male, 43.3% female, 46.2±12.2 years) adults were called for 81 cadaveric donors (120 kidneys). A total of 144 (57.1%) candidates were excluded. Exclusion reasons were being unable/unwilling to come to the center (59, 34.1%), positive lymphocyte cross-match test (40, 22.9%), inability to reach the patient (24, 13.9%), chronic HCV infection (20, 11.6%), active infection (11, 6.6%), cardiovascular reasons (8, 4.6%), and respiratory system disorders (5, 2.5%).CONCLUSION: Unexpected problems of cadaveric donor candidates can lead to exclusion from transplantation. It will therefore be useful to maintain contact between the patient and his/her relatives and the dialysis and organ transplantation centers, and to update the candidates’ information.

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